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New York City Custom Software Developers

Work with NYC Custom Software Experts.

Is your business too important to farm out to a team hundreds of miles away? Then iterate quickly and precisely with NYC professionals in custom software. We're proud to call New York City home. K-Optional works with a local news publications with millions of readers, a NYC financial services firm that processes petabytes of data, and a whole cadre of custom software clients. We find that even one in-person meet yields a special trust and understanding- after all, alignment is the most important thing when it comes to business software. Get in touch and we'll help you evaluate your custom software project for free, in person.

Recognized as a top software development company in New York, we excel in delivering outstanding web development and custom software solutions. Our team of skilled developers in New York specializes in creating bespoke mobile apps and software tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. With a focus on innovation and excellence, our company stands out in the bustling tech scene of New York City. Whether you're looking for a groundbreaking mobile app or sophisticated custom software development, our dedicated team is committed to elevating your business in the digital world. Trust us to be your partner in technological transformation and experience the pinnacle of New York's software development expertise.

  • Consulting
  • Architecture & Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades & enhancements

Our New York City Custom Software Developers Process

Curious to delve deeper? Don't hesitate to reach out, and our in-house team of experienced software engineers will guide you through our comprehensive process, shedding light on everything related to custom application development, off-the-shelf software integrations, development methodologies, our prowess as a leading app development company and more.
We write our first report within a week of contact. Progress reports & demos are sent every 2 weeks. Initial delivery in a few months. The code & IP are yours, always.
  1. Crafting Your Vision

    • Technical Assessment
    • Formal Blueprint
    • Project Roadmap
  2. Development Sprints

    • Shape-Up Methodology
    • Head-down Development
    • Quality Assurance & Testing
  3. Beyond Implementation

    • Live Error Detection
    • User Flow Tracking
    • Architecture & New Feature Brainstorm

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Frequently Asked Questions - New York City Custom Software Developers

Will I "own the code" that I hire you to develop?
Yes, in our standard development contract we ascribe all code / intellectual property ownership to you, the client.
How sure will you be of project costs ahead of time?
Unlike many other development groups, we offer fixed quotes at kick-off.
What makes K-Optional different than any other development group?
This industry is littered with failed projects and disappointment, something K-Optional won't let happen. The leading causes of a doomed project are poor craftsmanship, lack of accountability, mis-coordination and inexperience; we see our work as an art, provide transparency in everything we do, and bring years of industry-leading project-management skills to every engagement.
Where is your team located?
We're all full time and all right here, in the USA. Close contact cultivates success: we hold daily meetings to review project progress and collaborate on design and development.
What is the estimated timeline for completing a typical project?
The timeline for completing a project can vary based on its complexity and scope. During the initial consultation, we work closely with clients to understand their requirements and provide a realistic timeline. On average, initial projects span 4-6 months and always meet the specified timeframe agreed upon at the beginning of the development process.
How do you ensure the reliability and quality of the software through testing?
We prioritize software reliability through a comprehensive testing approach. Our team rigorously tests each feature for functionality, assesses compatibility across platforms, and evaluates performance under diverse conditions. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities for robust security is a core focus, supplemented by live error detection frameworks and user flow tracking processes. Client involvement is key to maintaining transparency and confidence in the software's security, reliability, and readiness to meet business needs.
What kind of support do you offer post-launch?
When your app is on the web or in the App Store or Play Store, it's all yours! If you're interested in hiring us to add more features or monitor usage beyond our 30-day warranty period, you're welcome to but by no means required.
How do you ensure the security of the code and sensitive data during development?
Security is a top priority for us. We implement industry best practices for code security, conduct regular code reviews, and employ encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive data. Additionally, our team follows stringent access control measures, and we stay informed about the latest security threats and updates to proactively address any potential vulnerabilities.

K-Optional & New York City Custom Software Developers

Why K-Optional?

Four unwavering principles have shaped our custom software development company into the best choice for your business.

Reputation First

Our number one priority is project success. We completely align your software development project with your business objectives. Your success is our success.

Superior Client Service

We’re responsive, open, and fast, so you know what we’re working on at each phase of the software creation process. We share our reports directly with your team.

Leadership & Professionalism

We are leading new york city custom software developers development experts, and our team consists of top in-house app development professionals in the US. The industry subscribes to K-Optional's technology leadership.

Pioneering Development

Be resourceful and responsible by tapping a team that cares about costs. We create innovative new york city custom software developers with your objectives, ROI & budget in mind.
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