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At K-Optional Software, we are more than just a team – we are niche experts with a passion for solving complex logistics challenges, ensuring your app development journey is efficient, innovative, and successful.

Established in 2017, K-Optional is dedicated to delivering what you want, every time. Our mission: Create value through custom software solutions.

We founded K-Optional in 2017 with the goal of adding value to the world through custom software. Clients approach us with questions, ideas, and problems. Together, we find answers, blueprints, and solutions.

We have taken pride in every one of our 100+ projects. Some have been successfully acquired while others earn steady profit.

Our clients include the publicly traded, funded start-ups, public institutions and SMB businesses. Many have aggregated hoards of users and disrupted industries from energy, logistics, and insurance to research, accounting, and law.

We're proud to have written every line of code ourselves in the USA. At K-Optional Software, we're not just developing apps; we're adding value to the world.

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