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K-Optional Software

We’re a group of niche experts who love what we do: solve complicated logistics problems to help keep your app on track so you can get it better, faster.

Delivering what you want, every time

Watching talented entrepreneurs like you struggle to get the right help to support your unique and world-changing software, developers Jack Considine and Evandro Nadal founded K-Optional Software in Austin, TX in 2017. We envisioned a world where the process of creating apps was efficient, streamlined, automated where possible, and overseen at every turn so that idea babies could grow into functional apps.

60+ projects and counting have only increased our love of app creation. We keep the entire process lean and affordable, with no room for sloppy shortcuts or brittle software.

The virtual fingerprints of every app we’ve worked on have touched many lives, from one-man show companies to large organizations like The University of Texas. We treat your project with the respect and care that they deserve to be treated.

Our work so far has spanned widely varying industries, like healthcare, government, insurance, cryptocurrency, energy, and education. Learning about your unique business and recognizing how much value can be created with a little tech is our favorite thing. There are always epic opportunities that we can seize, together.

Our team custom-wrote every line of code here in the USA 🇺🇸

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We start with your “why.” We’re on board to discover, brainstorm, and elaborate on your dreams and clear objectives. Our aim is for clarity and speed, to begin the essential momentum, and avoid drag.



# We work on our collaborated ideation draft through six-week sprints, with the goal being to form concrete details which will intelligently inform our project document.



We execute a clarified outline which you sign off on with our project document, a high-level spec from the project. This is our roadmap to hitting every one of our goals.


Project kickoff

You can sit back and relax, or monitor our progress in real-time – depending on your personality type. Once the contract is signed, we’re on the path to success, together.


Scope Hammering

We offer meticulous prioritization and forecasting to dodge scope creep. We stay flexible, yet committed to the priority of explicitly laying out a healthy plan for your project.


Tasks & Tickets

We create specific tasks with exact tickets and timelines for deliverables to be completed by. It’s mise en place for your code.

Join the team

Join our team

If this website resonates with your ideals and you’re a talented, hard-working team player, then you might be a good fit for our dynamic company. Get in touch so we can get to know each other better.