University of Texas School of Nursing Case Study

Transforming Survey Administration for the University of Texas School of Nursing

A custom survey administration software optimized for complex healthcare inquiries, ensuring data precision and actionable insights.


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“We have gone over the software and are very pleased with it. Looks wonderful, magnitudes better than before. Downloading the app went very smoothly. And the data export process is perfectly straightfoward.”

Rebekah Keefe & Meredith Stenisland
Research Associate, University of Texas School of Nursing

Case Study: The Challenge of Complex Surveys

The University of Texas (UT) Nursing Department requested a technical solution for administering a sophisticated survey. The results would become the basis for a major statewide study.

Struggling with the interface provided by a previous development firm, the survey’s subjects (pharmacists) encountered usability issues, resulting in user errors and incomprehensible data output. These challenges prompted UT to seek the expertise of K-Optional Software.

The Challenge: Unveiling the Complexity

Data Overload and Misinterpretation

Pharmacists, the survey subjects, faced “data overload” with numerous complex medical questions, leading to user errors and data that defied interpretation. Specific dosing and medicine-related questions lacked clear instructions.

Overwhelming Variables

The research team grappled with excessive variables, causing data to become unwieldy. The extraction process consumed time and budget, yielding unusable results devoid of metrics and insights.

Our Assessment: Simplifying & Enhancing

Our comprehensive assessment paved the way for a plan aimed at simplifying and optimizing the survey administration process:

Reducing Survey Footprint

We strategically minimized the survey size by 10%, revealing follow-up questions only when necessary to enhance user engagement.

Clear Data-Entry Guidance

To ensure clarity, we introduced the appropriate data-entry component for each question, illustrating how each answer should appear, making it easier for subjects to provide accurate responses.

Autocomplete Assistance

To alleviate the challenge of recalling lengthy medicine names, we implemented an autocomplete feature. This not only improved user experience but also reduced the impact of spelling or case-sensitivity issues.

Efficient “Other” Selection

To streamline data input, we implemented a manual typing requirement only when a subject selected “other” from a dropdown menu.

Thorough Field Testing

Our commitment to quality led us to perform continuous field-testing, identifying and promptly eliminating major bugs and crashes. This rigorous testing ensured the reliability and stability of the survey platform.”

The Results: Reduced Errors, Efficiency, and Cost Savings

K-Optional Software delivered a robust survey platform, achieving the desired results on the first attempt, all at 40% less cost than the previous firm. The UT Nursing team reported zero dropped submissions or invalid entries. Our app-rollout program eliminated the manual software installation task, freeing up administrative resources. Finally, we cut personnel training time from intensive to negligible.

With properly filled-out surveys, the department now possesses the essential information to enhance one of their top departments and is poised to deliver key insights for the major statewide study.