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Rein in your budget and monitor your software’s progress in real-time with the ultimate solution for complex application development problems. Open a live feedback loop to discover what work is being done and when. Our development work has spanned industries like healthcare, government, insurance, crypto, energy and education.

It’s awareness, transparency, and efficiency bundled into code 100% written in the USA 🇺🇸

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Your app development stays flexible and agile with custom project management that offers you functional options. We’ve helped complete 60+ successful projects, with each iteration improving the process. Learn more here.

Increased Awareness

Monitor the status of your project at any time, in real-time. You can always access:

Features & Fixes

Get your own Slack channel with a GitHub bot to (optionally) notify you of any code changes, feature deployments, or task updates.

Live Application Previews

Access a live ‘staging’ link to view your up-to-date application.

Tasks & Times

Access each employee’s assigned tasks, with times tracked for work completed. Stay in the loop with >24-hour email response time and weekly team sync meetings.
About Us

Enhanced Efficiency

We keep it lean by minimizing context-switches, planning meetings in advance, and offering predictable synchronous check-ins. We leverage automated tools to provide great data at no extra cost.

Github Task Management

We integrate code deployments with a task board. Everyone on the project gets read-access to the project board.

Everhour Tracking

Get real-time updates on who is working on what, and if they are blocked in any way.

Comprehensive Documentation.

Get comprehensive documentation, plus brief weekly project reports and all internal or external meeting notes.

Innovative approach to QA and testing

  1. Evaluate all potential edge cases prior to writting the first line of code
  2. Setup automated tests while coding
  3. When creating a pull request (to be reviewed by another developer) we add a QA checklist
  4. Once approved we QA the staging site and then release
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From mom-and-pop shops with big ideas to 20,000-person organizations K-Optional offers streamlined, cost effective project management to get your software application developed faster, for less money. We're here to ensure your success!.

$4.5M+Total Cost Savings by revamping our customers business flows.

$3.5M+Total Revenue Generated from all applications.

400%Average ROI from new applications and SaaS products.

99%Customer satisfaction from all our projects.

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