Sentry: Real-Time Error Tracking with Detailed Diagnostics

In every project we undertake, Sentry is an indispensable tool that complements our testing and quality assurance processes from staging to live environments. It plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our clients’ applications both before and after they go live. It often reports issues that users might not have reported yet.

Sentry Error Detection

Real-Time Error Tracking

Sentry’s immediate alerts on errors and performance issues are crucial, not just because users might not report all issues, but also because some issues may not even be visible to users.

Detailed Diagnostics

Additionally, Sentry provides reports on each issue, including the environment, stack traces, and affected users. This extra context allows us to quickly diagnose and resolve problems.


One of the challenges with Sentry is that it can sometimes over-report issues, including those that might not be relevant. We see this as a positive: it ensures that we’re aware of every potential problem, even if it means dedicating some time to triaging and prioritizing issues based on their impact.

Demos & Highlights

React Print PDF: Creating PDFs Using React & Typescript

React Print assists in the creation of PDFs, such as invoices and contracts, through code. What stands out for us is the significant control it offers over both the PDF design and the integration of data. This facilitates nicer layouts and dynamic updates of content directly from platform databases.

Download PDF React
With a single click, we can create a PDF that mirrors the page's styling and data.
Example Generated PDF
Here's the output in PNG format.

Flowty Recording Breaking Week

Last week, Flowty, our client, broke multiple records! The platform carried out a record-breaking transaction of $60,000 and also participated in roughly 20% of all NBA Top Shot transactions last week.

Flowty Lebron Rare Sale

What Caught Our Eye

  • The Next Generation of Claude AI: Claude AI, an AI assistant, released 2 new models aiming to deliver new levels of comprehension and fluency across a broad spectrum of cognitive tasks.
  • Apple and Epic Games Saga: Apple initially terminated Epic Games’ developer account, only to later reinstate it. For context, Epic Games had previously introduced a direct payment option in Fortnite, bypassing the App Store’s payment system (the 30% fee on each transaction), which violated Apple’s rules.
  • Apple Announces Ability to Download iPhone Apps From Websites in EU: This allows companies to offer their apps directly to consumers, bypassing the iOS app Store.