Flowty Wrapped: A Year-End Raffle Celebration for Users

As we closed out 2023, our partners at Flowty wanted to show appreciation to their users. They landed on “Flowty Wrapped”, a raffle worth 5000 FLOW and a beautiful visual of each user’s engagement on the platform: how many purchases, sales, and listings did everyone make this year?

Flowty Wrapped Mockups

To bring this idea to life, Flowty collaborated with K-Optional in a two-week hackathon. The entry process was simple: users were to mint their personalized NFT to qualify for the raffle. The minting process, fully developed by the Flowty team (see Twitter Thread), was integrated into a wizard that appeared upon site loading, encouraging users to sign in and review their annual stats. Users who had already viewed their stats were not prompted again.

The wizard presented five screens showcasing the user’s 2023 stats and various animations. For users who had minimal or no activity on the platform, a “naughty list” version with generic statistics would be shown. After successfully minting their NFTs, users could visually explore them in the browser using rich HTML, creating an effect similar to opening and closing a Christmas card. This interactive image disclosed whether users landed on the “naughty list” and displayed the number of raffle tickets earned.

Flowty Wrapped Gif

In the end there were over 2,500 mints and approximately 120,000 tickets claimed. The feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive, marking the “Flowty Wrapped” year-end raffle as a festive and successful celebration.

To delve into the cadence implementation by Austin Kline, Flowty’s CTO, we highly recommend you visit this thread.

Check-out the Flowty Wrapped collection here.

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