Assemplify Unveiled: A Cutting-Edge Multi-Platform Workflow Software

In a quest to streamline the intricate process of securing skilled labor for commercial furniture projects, industry visionaries Brian Buhl and Vince Contreras joined forces. At the convergence of innovation and expertise, they enlisted the services of K-Optional Software to develop and McSwain to design Assemplify.

Assemplify Mockups

Assemplify’s journey encompassed diverse challenges, each a facet of the larger mission to create a user-friendly platform. From real-time job tracking, text message notifications to Progressive Web App (PWA) development, seamless payment integration, and more, the team undertook a range of tasks. Beyond the technical realm, every decision had to enhance an ecosystem that not only streamlined the entire workflow but also empowered the Assemplifiers.

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New Features & Demos

Elevating The Online Stratego Experience

Fueled by his love for Stratego and looking for a fun side project, Michael took the initiative to craft his own rendition of the game using Phoenix LiveView.

Try the game yourself!

Stratego Gif

What Caught Our Eye

  • Amazon Bedrock, launched at AWS Re:Invent: Provides access to artificial intelligence models such as Claude and Titanium, is HIPAA compliant and ensures a dependable performance through Stable Diffusion.
  • Mozilla releases llamafile: Building on-top of existing LLMs APIs, such as ChatGPT provides serious privacy concerns. Llamile could provide users with a local open-source, offline LLM alternative, promoting transparency and enhancing privacy for users.
  • PrivateGPT: Provides an API containing all the building blocks required to build private, context-aware AI applications. The API follows and extends OpenAI API standard, and supports both normal and streaming responses. That means that, if you can use the OpenAI API in one of your tools, you can use your own PrivateGPT API instead, with no code changes, and for free if you are running PrivateGPT in local mode.
  • Our insights on SEO and User Analytics: While we’re not experts, we’re excited to share what we’ve learned regarding SEO strategy and User Analytics frameworks.