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What We Offer Our Industries

We take pride in our ability to provide tailored solutions across a wide range of sectors. Explore our diverse portfolio of industries and learn how we can help your business succeed. We love absorbing your industry knowledge and identifying pivotal opportunities with tech.

Our Expertise

From healthcare to insurance, energy, education, and cryptocurrency, our work has enhanced a broad portfolio of businesses. Why so many industries? Because we see a lot of the same patterns everywhere.


Through our long-standing partnership with, K-Optional Software has contributed to the trustless revolution.


Our work with renowned institutions like the University of Texas powers statewide studies and initiatives. Ask us about our ed-tech learning management software (LMS).

Energy & Infrastructure

Leak detection and diagnostic tech delivered by K-Optional protect key US infrastructure.

Financial Services

From accounting software to micro-lending platforms, we build great financial products.

Resource Management

Ask us about floor tablets, QR codes, complex resource scheduling, and SMS bots.

Government Institutions

We have build large software that deals with large institutional data.


HIPAA concerns? We can help. Ask us about same-day dentistry and end-to-end encryption.


Systems built by K-Optional Software process 30,000 insurance claims per year.

Retail Software

Talk to us about bespoke eCommerce integrations including Shopify, WooCommerce, and ShipStation.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Nine profitable SaaS platforms and counting! Talk to us about your next venture.

Small Businesses

Small business represents the single largest opportunity in tech. Talk to us about automation, resource management, and integration systems.


Our elite and specialized startup team has delivered v1s to the delight of investors. Tap K-Optional to get your product out there and raise your next round.

Turnkey / Manufacturing

Through our partnership with Global Data Sciences, we’ve collaborated on industrial engineering technology that optimizes manufacturing processes.

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