K-op Software

From Web & Mobile Applications, to Enterprise Software

Our Services

Here are some of our specialties

Responsive webdesign

Elegant interactive UI. Mobile/tablet responsiveness

Mobile Application Development

Cross-platform web, iOS, and Android apps

Payment and eCommerce

Personal shops, monetized subscriptions, and paid services

Custom content management

From simple blogs, to newsletters, to subscriber-based content

Social Media

User registration, profiles, posting, and messaging

Website Iternationalization

Ability to adapt to specific local languages. For an example please visit our spanish website

We are a team of application developers, web designers, and software architects

Our experience includes: handling HIPAA compliant data, developing information visualization panels for our clients, constructing data-mining and web-crawling platforms, and assisting in product launch

We both design and implement creative solutions with varying intricacies, mirroring our customer's needs


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