Our-Hometown, Inc

Local News Mega App Consulted & contracted to build a mega app with distributions for 5+ local newspapers. Each application integrates with the paper’s WordPress CMS to render posts, articles, and headlines on both mobile operating systems.   Implemented paywall with support for freemium content Built advertisement mechanism allowing publishers to dynamically populate ads in different … Continue reading Our-Hometown, Inc

Serverless out of Control

Inspiration for this post comes from Kevin Vandenborne’s article, and the Serverless Failure Stories repository We love using serverless whenever we can. It makes a ton of sense for many of our client-fat projects that only need to interact with a REST API or PaaS (see our typical cloud setup here) .  In our experience, we’ve … Continue reading Serverless out of Control

lookfindme ®

Matching & connecting job seekers and employers Geographic search allowing employers to connect with job seekers within any radius Subscription management with four plans and search quotas per plan Email pipeline; notification topics include matches, inactivity, and company updates The lookfindme ® team is happy to field questions about their site development: leeanne@lookfindme.com [site]

Healthy Points

Promoting prenatal self-management of at-risk pregnant women HIPAA Secure, with end-to-end encryption K-Optional developed and published a custom encryption library simple2e for this project Social media functions Including posts, comments, private messages (group and individual), flagging, and image sharing Built for admin, case manager and patient roles Custom data reporting software [site]

Spending next to nothing on the cloud

Update: AWS is launching DocumentDB. Mongo on AWS may make more sense now.  Hosting bills, even for small startups, can reach into the thousands of dollars per month.  That’s in spite of robust cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. You no longer have to spend a lot- even with plenty of users. But … Continue reading Spending next to nothing on the cloud

Rapid Prototyping: Ionic 4 and WordPress

The final code for this guide can be found here. Goal In this guide, we’re going to prototype a mobile application using Ionic 4. We’ll be showcasing a news app that reads content from a WordPress website. To keep things simple, this application will mostly display the latest posts and categories (fetching the WP site … Continue reading Rapid Prototyping: Ionic 4 and WordPress

Building MVPs with K-Optional: The Pipeline

Have an idea for a platform? Building a robust MVP is the first step. This can be very challenging for many reasons. Particularly: The bureaucracy of large software companies is almost always overkill. Plus they’ll charge you a fortune and will be generally poor at prioritizing features for launch. Smaller development teams and freelance developers … Continue reading Building MVPs with K-Optional: The Pipeline


A cutting-edge internet-of-things application for providing insights and data to school districts Robust data processing algorithm for crunching thousands of device pings a minute Multi-tenant database solution Beautiful data visualization panel Student tracking hardware/software