Spending next to nothing on the cloud

Hosting bills, even for small startups, can reach into the thousands of dollars per month.  That’s in spite of robust cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. You no longer have to spend a lot- even with plenty of users. But most people often do. The Evolution Physical Servers At one point, companies built … Continue reading Spending next to nothing on the cloud

Rapid Prototyping: Ionic 4 and WordPress

The final code for this guide can be found here. Goal In this guide, we’re going to prototype a mobile application using Ionic 4. We’ll be showcasing a news app that reads content from a WordPress website. To keep things simple, this application will mostly display the latest posts and categories (fetching the WP site … Continue reading Rapid Prototyping: Ionic 4 and WordPress

Building MVPs with K-Optional: The Pipeline

Have an idea for a platform? Building a robust MVP is the first step. This can be very challenging for many reasons. Particularly: The bureaucracy of large software companies is almost always overkill. Plus they’ll charge you a fortune and will be generally poor at prioritizing features for launch. Smaller development teams and freelance developers … Continue reading Building MVPs with K-Optional: The Pipeline


A cutting-edge internet-of-things application for providing insights and data to school districts Robust data processing algorithm for crunching thousands of device pings a minute Multi-tenant database solution Beautiful data visualization panel Student tracking hardware/software

HamptonWater ®

A design oriented landing page for Bon Jovi’s Rosé Wine Company Elegant and robust user interface Custom developed store-location software Interfaces with 3rd-party Instagram and Google Maps APIs Search Engine Optimized The HWW team is happy to field any questions pertaining to the development of their site: lindsay@hamptonwaterwine.com [site]

Rapid Prototyping: Parse and Vue

This guide is the first part in a series on rapid software development. In this tutorial, we create a Vue application that utilizes the Parse SDK.  Specifically, we’ll focus on authorization / authentication and developing a sign in page that uses Parse’s login call. We’ll also use the Bootstrap stylesheet. With this workflow, you can … Continue reading Rapid Prototyping: Parse and Vue


A web storefront for your AutoCAD cabinet designs Transforms cabinet-maker’s CAD libraries into a store catalog Processes orders and provides payment system Ultimately interfaces with a 3D printer, where cabinets are cut and packaged in minutes Allows orderer to adjust dimensions and features on the fly [site]

FotoClaimApp ®

An iOS / Android application for submitting car insurance claims Optimized UI that walks any smartphone user through creating a claim in minutes Interfaces with 3rd party business, VIN / License Plate, & geolocating APIs Invitation flow for dealers, with separate admin app Custom webcrawling software and data mining Developed using Ionic 3